MBA Meritorious Service

Hall of Fame Meritorious Service
chase_brian Brian Chase, 1991Co-Founder MBA.  MBA Offices Held:President, Vice President, 1st Treasuer, Director. Life Member MBA and ASBA, State Offices Held: President, Vice President, Director MBA PBA Tourn., Director 1964-1965 & MBA Delegate To Abc.

gano_lynn Lynn Gano, 19911st President MBA, Life Member MBA. Served MBA For 34 Yrs. AZ State Offices. Director MBA & GPBA MBA Budget Chairman-10 Yrs

griggeory_don Don Griggeory, 1991MBA Offices Held:President, Treasurer, Director. Delegate To ABC. Co-Director MBA Tourn. Life Member-MBA. Rewrote MBA By-Laws, Policy & Procedures. YABA Chairman 5 Yrs.

hall_dean Dean Hall, 1991MBA Offices Held:President, Vice President, Director. Life Member. 20 Yrs MBA Delegate. Served As President MJBA. 15 Yrs MBA Photographer. Attended all AZ Jamborees since inception.

lenhart_frank Frank Lenhart, 1991Co-Founder MBA. MBA Offices Held:President, Vice President. Life Member MBA. Sponsored 3 or more teams For 41 consecutive Years. Organized leagues for 7 Years prior To MBA Founding.

mccormick_john John McCormick, 1991MBA Offices Held:President, Vice President. MBA Life Member. ASBA Offices Held:Vice President 5 years, Director. League President 24 Years. YABA President.

mitchell_art Art Mitchell, 1991MBA Offices Held:President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director. Life Member MBA. State Offices Held:President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director. Life Member ASBA. Certified Coach/Lane Inspector.

endicott_harold Harold Endicott, 1992MBA Director 4 Years. Vice President 4 Years. Worked on most Committees In MBA. Represented MBA at ABC National Convention -1990. Worked all Arizona State Tournaments held in Mesa. Worked all City Tournaments in past 8 years. Director of City Masters -3 Years. Gary Indiana Bowling Association President- 1954. Member of Board 21 Years. ‘Red’ Was Born May 4, 1902 and bowled for 70 years.

weekly_david David Weekly Sr., 1992State Director-AJBC Jr. Leaders. AJBC Board-Volunteer During 70’s. Jr. Bowling Coach. Metro All Stars Founder. Las Vegas Jr. Tournament Assistant. Tournament Director YABA. State Masters & Queens. ACBA Director. Life Member. President C.C. Majors 8 Years

klinger_keith Keith Klinger, 1992MBA Offices Held:President,Treasurer,Vice President. MBA Life Member. ASBA Director. 4 Years Member Mesa Bowling Council. 9 Years MBA Delegate to ABC Convention. 10 Years MBA Delegate to State Convention. 16 Years attended Arizona State Jamboree. Helped establish MBA Hall Of Fame. Helped establish Training Workshops and Seminars. Updated Method for Financial Statements. Assisted in control of MBA Budget. 18 Years member of MBA Board Of Directors.

nason_ron Ron Nason, 1995MBA Offices Held:President,Treasurer,Vice President. MBA Life Member. Co-Founder MBA Hall of Fame. Founder of the MBA Task Force and Community Awareness Committee. Developed the corporate structure for the MBA. Developed a computerized accounting system for the MBA as well as the ‘Nifty Fifty’ (MBA Rules). Developed a home study training for the MBA directors. He was an integral part of the MBA’s earning of the ABC Service Award in 1993, an honored award given out by the ABC to a select few local associations each year. Honors include Executive of the Year and Director of the Year. ASBA Offices Held: Director, Tournament Co-Director 1 year and Center Director 2 years. Delegate to the ABC Convention 6 years and Delegate to the State Convention 8 years.

grotz_jeff Jeff Grotz, 1999MBA Offices Held:President,Vice President, Secretary, Director. MBA Delegate to ABC. Mba Delegate to ASBA. Director of the Year. Life Member.

mulcahy_fran Fran Mulcahy, 2001Member of MBA for 31 years. MBA Offices Held:President,Vice President. Life Member. MBA Delegate to ABC 9 different years. Served on all of the MBA committees. ASBA President.

johnson_douglas Douglas Johnson, 2004MBA Offices Held:President,Vice President, Director. Past President/Life Member. ABC Jurisdictional Director for 2 years. MBA Delegate to ABC. Director of the Year.

lindsey_orval Orval Lindsey, 2004Member of MBA for 31 years. MBA Offices Held:Vice President, Director, Assistant Secretary. Life Member. MBA Board Member 25 years. Served on all of the MBA committees.

moor_william William Moor (Doc), 2005Member of MBA for 34 years. MBA Offices Held:President, Vice President, Director. Life Member. MBA Board Member 28 years. Developed current award/bowler recognition system, Acquired incorporation for the Mesa Bowling Association, Implemented audit system for the MBA, MBA Vice President of the year 2001, MBA League President of the year 1994, MBA League Secretary of the Year 2004, MBA Director 1977-1979, 1989-1995, MBA Vice President 1979-1981, 1995-2003, MBA President 2003 to present, Chairman of the USBC Transition Committee, Served as the President of 5 leagues, Served as Secretary/Treasurer of 5 leagues, Has been President or Secretary of the Tempe Sportsmen league since 1981. Served on all of the MBA committees with the Budget, Audit, Nominating and Award committees each having a minimum of 12 years.

vickman_dale Dale Vickman, 2005Member of MBA for 34 years. MBA Offices Held:Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer. MBA Life Member 2000, ACBA Life Member 1982. MBA Board Member 11 years. ABC Field Staff 10 years. Director Eifel BA 2 years, President Eifel BA 2 years. Certified AMF Bowling Instructor-1966, Certified lane Inspector-1984, Certified CLIW Instructor-1984, Certified Lane Maintenance-Century Machine-1986, USTBF Certified Bronze Coach-1992. Bowling Center Desk Clerk 1963-64, Assistant Manager-1964-66, Pro Shop Manager 1965-66, Lane Mechanic 1971-72, Manager Williams AFB Bowling Team 1978-81, Owner and Operator of BowlCom, Inc.-Online System for Bowling 1993-95, U.S. Olympic festival Governing Body Staff 1989. Founded Computer Network System for Data Processing-1995, Founded Computer control of all accounting for the MBA 1995, Initiated Scratch Title for the Senior Championship Tournament-1995, Initiated in house writing and printing of yearbook (saving $2500 per year)-1995. Founded the brackets for the MBA tournaments-1997, Initiated and assisted in developing the MBA Operating Procedures for MBA. Served on the Technology Committee 2000 for ABC-1997, Initiated purchase of digital copy machine for in house printing of the yearbook for MBA & MVWBA. Served on most of the MBA committees with the Championship, Masters, Senior Championship, Senior Masters Tournaments and Yearbook being the top committees.